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At Business Coach Sydney our expertise is tailored to leaders of businesses of between 10 & 200 employees. We create a safe and collaborative coaching environment so that you can explore and candidly discuss your issues and challenges, as well as your reactions to them.
What sets us apart is that you can access all our highly qualified coaches, each of whom has a relevant post graduate degree.

1. Broad outcomes

We help our clients to:

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gain alignment

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2. Business outcomes

We help you, the client, commit to driving change with your teams throughout the business. We coach leaders, regardless of which stage the business is in, to build resilience and grit in order to pursue and address new challenges and navigate adversity:

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overcoming pain points

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managing business uncertainty

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leading staff

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establishing values and culture

3. Leader outcomes

Leaders develop skills in:

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critical leadership

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decision making process

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conflict resolution

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delegation & coaching skills

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active listening & communication skills

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team cohesiveness & collaboration

We support teams to:

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build understanding & trust

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navigate complexity

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align with the team purpose & business goals

Helping team members at an individual level, and as a cohesive team, leads to deeper communication and collaboration. Importantly, we will help the leader and the team create a culture unique and specific to their company. Our team coaching provides:

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on and off site support

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psychometric assessment tools

All our business coaches have a minimum of a Masters degree in either Coaching, Business or Psychology. They also have decades of experience working with leaders and teams across various sectors. We have applied, adapted and customised everything we know into a unique evidence based and practical coaching approach.

You and your team will have access to not only one coach, but all our coaches to meet your changing circumstances.  Our diverse pool of knowledge and expertise is what sets our coaching practice, and your coaching experience, apart from others. 

Our coaches are also trained facilitators in a number of different assessment tools that will provide greater insights into both individual and team performance.

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Building transparency

Seeing your blind spots​

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Exploring that which is still hidden

Disrupting your assumptions​​

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By working collaboratively, we:



After two rewarding decades in high finance, where as Treasurer and MD for Société Générale Australia I managed a $50 billion balance sheet, a desire to focus on helping others within business motivated me to undertake a Master of Business Coaching.

I went on to establish Game Changer Consulting – a coaching and consulting services business that draws on evidence based coaching process to improve individual, team and business performance. This morphed into Business Coach Sydney, a partnership with other leading business coaches that offers a wide range of coaching experience within a single hub, capable of meeting all the needs of medium size businesses.

I have spent the past decade mentoring, consulting, and coaching businesses, from small to large, across numerous industries. I have seen, and know, how overwhelming and challenging managing a business is, specifically, when there are limited resources available to deal with unlimited issues.

As a business coach, I passionately believe that providing a sounding board and broadening perspective leads to insight and options for new strategies and behaviours, congruent with our own personal desires. A sense of being and feeling purposeful, energetic, and productive (PEP) makes obstacles surmountable, progress sustainable and goals achievable. My coaching aims to put the “pep” back in your step’.


Over 20 years in executive management

Financial markets, balance sheet and risk management expert

Business strategy, leadership development and team building

Personal productivity and wellbeing

Communications, people management, relationship coaching

Designations and Certifications

Realise2Practitioner Accreditation, Emotional Intelligence Worldwide

Process Communication Model, Parts 1 & 2, Wayne Pearce Advantage

Civil Marriage Celebrant

Lifeline Crisis Counsellor


MSc Business Coaching, University of Wollongong

MBA, Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Business, University of South Australia

Peter Cheel

Peter Cheel The Business Coach
Peter is a Business Coach, Facilitator and Consultant with significant experience, working at and with different levels of leadership in Australasia, Africa and Europe.

Peter passionately believes in the power of business coaching to optimize and positively impact leaders, such that their organisations realize a positive return on investment. Peter firmly believes that leadership drives culture and culture drives performance.

From start-ups to NFP’s to complex global entities, Peter has led and supported senior leadership teams; developing strategy, driving growth, organisational change and sustainable performance.

Prior to Sydney Business Coach Peter worked as a CEO in the Not-for-Profit Sector and as a commercial Human Resources Director in the following sectors: Pharmaceuticals, IT & Telecommunications, Outsourcing, Global Logistics and Petroleum.


Business Coaching

Career Transition Coaching

Retirement Coaching

Leadership Team Alignment Consultation and Facilitation

Business Planning Consultation and Facilitation

Designations and Certifications

Hogan Personality Assessments (HPI; HDS; MVPI; HBRI)

Hogan 360 feedback

Resilience at Work (RAW)

TLC: The Leadership Circle

Member: USCMA

Member: IOC


MSc, Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney

Bachelor of Arts (double major: Psych, Sociology), UNISA

Advanced Diploma HRM, IPM

Advanced Diploma OD, IPM